Beyond the break down furniture found at big-box office stores K & L offers customization. The ability to custom size: cabinetry for that cramped copyroom, handwash stations in dental offices, double sided cabinet partitions for patient nooks etc. Then working with the business owner, contractor or interior designer you pick materials, finishes‚ hardware‚ countertops for record storage‚ reception areas‚ breakroom‚ workstation and executive offices.


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Maple Cabinets and Terrazzo Floor Maple Cabinets and Terrazzo Floor Maple Cabinets and Terrazzo Floor



  • Executive Offices
  • Group Workstations
  • Record Storage
  • Medical/Dental Offices
  • School Classrooms
  • Audio/Visual Cabinetry
  • Lockers
  • Break Areas
  • Copy Rooms
  • Shelving/Storage Rooms

At K&L, we recognize the importance of creating not just a single piece of furniture but a comprehensive layout that encompasses space utilization throughout an entire office and creates a coherent overall motif. No matter how large or small your office project is K&L takes pride in our ability to work ant any level, directly with business owners, archtectects or interior designers.

Information gathering is key: objectives, limitations, operating procedures, job functions, departmental functions, design criteria, spatial needs, office furniture and equipment. This information provides an understanding of the organizational needs and establishes the general character, quality and parameters of the project. The information gathered is then represented in the form of a CAD generated Office Space Plan and office furniture budget projections. We reconized the importance of timelines and budgets when starting a new business or undergoing a remodel, K&L can be an important part of bringing in your commerical office project on budget and on time!

My goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your garage cabinet, office or closet design. If your looking for ideas and options to enhance the storage and useability of you closets, please take advantage of my twenty-five years of design experience and request a free in-home design estimate. close quote
Bill Purvis - Designer