K&L Cabinets has teamed-up with Concrete Creations to bring you one stop shopping for the ultimate garage makeover of cabinets and flooring. For more information on the practical durability and good looks of our epoxy flake system, please visit Epoxy Process or Epoxy FAQ's.


Epoxy garage floors.

(Thermosetting Epoxide Polymer)

Epoxy flake floors have become a popular choice to transform an oil stained garage into a living space impervious to all auto fluids. Our process utilizes advanced formulation epoxies, urethanes and colored vinyl flakes to cover any concrete surface with a granite-like finish. This process is now being applied in garages, showrooms, schools and any other place you want concrete sealed permanently. We use only the finest 100% solid epoxy products with zero VOC (Volatical Organic Content) and applies them with uncompromised surface preparation and installation.

Characteristics - Epoxy Flooring

  • High Strength
  • Chemical Resistant (auto spills don't stain, easy wipe-up)
  • Cure Time (24 to 36 hrs)
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Best applied between 50° to 90°f
  • Satin Finish to High Gloss
  • Non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, USDA and FDA approved.
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